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Irc chat?


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Is there any sort of IRC channel for MaNGOS?  I saw a post mentioning Discord, which makes sense since it's more geared towards gamers.  But some people (especially us old farts) prefer IRC.  It works on a wider variety of hardware, with much less overhead.

If not, would anyone be interested in it?  I'd consider starting one if there were at least a small handful of other people who would care to join.

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MaNGOS used to have a IRC channel, however I (for reason which shall remain private on here) am not permitted to use IRC (long story).

Discord was suggested as a alternative due to major problems with skype for an extended period of time.

The problem with both of these is fragmentation of contact points.

I for one cannot keep an eye on discord, skype, irc and the forum. Since I use skype at work, it has become the primary contact medium.

However, I do try and work with people as much as I can.


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