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[HOTFIX] Cataclysm vmap-assembler issue w/WIN10. Crash creating .vmtree


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Today I attempted to run the dbc/vmaps/mmaps/maps extraction process and found that when vmap-assembler ran, it crashed when trying to build the first .vmtree file.  After looking at the code I found that this line in TileAssembler.cpp (120)

FILE* mapfile = fopen(mapfilename.str().c_str, "rwb");

was causing an issue since the file wasn't opened for write, but was trying to open for read which caused the app to crash.  I've replaced that line with:

FILE* mapfile = fopen(mapfilename.str().c_str, "w+b");

and recompiled since this will still allow the file to be created if it doesn't exist as well as open it for reading *after* the creation of the file.


The vmaps directory already existed so that wasn't an issue.  Just wanted to let anyone know that is trying to run this and has the same issue.

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