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Hello from Lebanon!


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Nerc here from Lebanon. I am new to Mangos forums, obviously, and would like to ask a few questions. But first a glimpse of my history to share: I have previously attemped to go public with a TrinityCore 3.3.5 - Instant 80 - private server during around 2011-2012, and another time - Fun Server - during 2013 if i recall correctly, however it was a local thing and it never went public. I am generally an enthusiastic and open person looking for new experiences (especially learning and collaborative ones), and i simply love to 'create' content, no matter what it is (to a certain extent). I have double degrees: Business with emphasis in Marketing & Psychology. I have started out with computer science but switched due to issues with my university professors and simply loss of hope. I am interested in offering help whenever and wherever i am able, to the best of my capabilities. Ideally, it would be best if we could trade knowledge, skills and experiences.

Now for the questions,

Is Mangos different from TrinityCore?

Will be be able to get the assistance i need on TrinityCore here? If not, would you recommend if i switch to Mangos? Why, or why not?

One downside to my switching would be that i have already started developing a TrinityCore server locally on my machine, before i go public on a VPS, so im assuming i would have to start everything back from zero.


Thank you in advance,

I am looking forward for your replies on what you think!

Kind Regards,


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Mangos has been in development for over 10 years, TC forked from our code about 6 years ago and has continued totally independent to us.

As a result both codebases have significant differences. As a result, if you need support for TC their forum's might be your best bet.
- But saying that, if you decide to use mangos - then we'll be able to support you :D

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