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Migration to OpenSSL 1.1.x branch


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[Advisory] Upcoming Planned Migration to OpenSSL 1.1.x branch

With the recent change by OpenSSL in their Release Strategy we are planning to migrate all cores over to OpenSSL 1.1.x branch by Dec 2019.

The first step in this process will be raising the minimum allowed level of OpenSSL used with Mangos to 1.0.2, currently you can use any version from 1.0.x - We plan for this change to take place this year, perhaps even this summer.

You can follow the development notes on the OpenSSL issue on the tracker and make comments on the upcoming changes :)


EDIT: This was completed on 12th April 2018 :)

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  • madmax changed the title to Migration to OpenSSL 1.1.x branch
  • 2 years later...

Important. Maybe we should upgrade the install guides and links to the distributables. Seems a lot of people have no idea that MySQL and SSL had been updated. I didn't until email releases.

The new improvements make installation and upkeep even easier!

Seems like without web side registration or registration tools, the popularity of Mangos is dropping signifigantly. (Even though the GM commands list is out there, you STILL HAVE TO HUNT FOR IT)

It is my opinion that these factors (besides playerbots being horridly busted) makes players and GM's stay away.

With the new improvements, I don't know why it isn't on the front page.

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