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mangos one Ubuntu 16.04 -> Multiple Servers on Startup -> .service



I Just installed an zero and one server at the same time. shareing one realmdb and one realmd process. everything working fine.

now i wanted the servers to be startup automatically on system start. but when i use the provided "mangosd.service" way with two servers -> "zero_mangosd.service" and "one_mangosd.service" at the startup one kills another session and it doesnt work. changed all the needed informations. starting one works fine. altough starting both by hand in the terminal works fine.

think "TTYVHangup=yes" kills the second process


need help to execute both at startup und keep them restarting on crash. thx a lot!

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I got it working

Just change the ttypath number in the. Service file. 


For example the changed file. Looks like that. Changed it to 4 for the second server. While the first runs at 3

Description=WoW Vanilla service
After=network.target mysql.service [email protected]

ExecStart=/home/mangos/zero/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/zero/etc/mangosd.conf


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I had the same issue as I run four servers at the end the only server i have auto starting is the login  server all other servers I do manually as I was unable to find away to get all of them to run. 

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