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Well, currently I'm in researching of structure of this packet. If I understand it correctly, the structure is (pseudocode below):

# Header data
uint32 count (count of what? updating objects?)
uint8 hasTransport
uint8 updateType (UPDATETYPE_CREATE_OBJECT2 for Player and Unit)
uint64 guid
uint8 objectType (Player, Unit, Container, Item etc)

# Movement data, including current object position and speed data (for Player and Unit)
uint32 flags (movement flags like MOVEFLAG_FORWARD, MOVEFLAG_ROOT, MOVEFLAG_FLYING etc)
uint32 time (not sure but it seems it's time of doing move action)

    uint64 transport_guid
    uint32 x
    uint32 y
    uint32 z
    uint32 orientation

    uint32 swim_pitch

# jump data
if (MOVEFLAG_FALLING is set) {
    uint32 time (not sure what mean this duplicated param)
    uint32 velocity
    uint32 sin
    uint32 cos
    uint32 xy_speed

    uint32 spline_elevation_unk (setted to 0.0, not sure about this param)

if (Unit) {
    # default speed
    uint32 speed_walk
    uint32 speed_run
    uint32 speed_run_back
    uint32 speed_swim
    uint32 speed_swim_back
    uint32 speed_flight
    uint32 speed_flight_back
    uint32 speed_turn

# miscellaneous data
uint32 is_player
uint32 attack_cycle (not sure about this param)
uint32 timer_id (wtf?)
uint64 victim_guid (it seems this param also for Unit or Player)

# And at the end of packet update blocks data, contains fields like GUID, POWER1, MAXHEALTH, FACTIONTEMPLATE, BYTES_1 etc

Does this structure is correct for 2.4.3 ?

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