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[fix][7936] Fix a bug that tame beast may crash server

Guest marry521

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What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

Fix a bug that tame beast may crash server

For which repository revision was the patch created?




Pet* pet = m_caster->CreateTamedPetFrom(creatureTarget,m_spellInfo->Id); 
+ if(!pet) return;   

// kill original creature 

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And how can pet->CreateBaseAtCreature(creatureTarget) return false when CreateTamedPetFrom is called from that particular location .. These are the things that should be mentioned in comments around the NULL check. You don't need to think of all cases, just give one example of how such an error can occur and it's all justified.

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Ok, additional review show that in some cases this pososble with not normal player but GM maybe or hacks using special possitions for wrong coordinates or somehting like.

In [7936]. Thank you for patch finding and prepering to mangos. Sorry, we not very favor to T* project and sceptic when look at releated changes. But next time and _always_ provided info where patch found and who author, if this patch not writed by you.

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