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One question about GM account for a noob

Pierre Sam

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In first time, i'm sorry for my bad english and I'm a noob on mangos, I just created one private server with "light's hope vanilla reapack" http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?230227-Light-s-Hope-Vanilla-Repack and I have a question.

I would like learn more about mangos and I already have a problem because when i create a GM account and I play with it (in GM mod off) I can't die. I would like that  when i create a GM account, it work as a player account when GM mod is off on my charachter. That is possible ? I search in "mangos.txt" files too change something but I found nothing about that. 


somebody can help me ?

Sorry again if my topic is not in good category.

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