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I am glad to see this project full of life. 
I am interested to learn the major differences between the original MaNGOS projects and the many clones out there. 

tl;dr tried other cores, now gonna try the original thanks;

I have run a small personal linux based CMaNGOS vanilla server for some co-workers in the past (2016-2017).  At the time of spinning that server up, I was not even aware of other cores.  Took the server down after interest from co-workers dried up.   Fast forward to recent weeks, and I have caught the bug again.  I tried recovering my old EC2 instance, but the AMI was out of date. So I built a new server based on the other project again, however ran into issues when trying to setup a web interface.  It seems cmangos realmd account table and correspond authentication is now using SRP6 instead of SHA1 hashes, which breaks all the nice webapps built around ease of use.  I modified a couple projects, published them to my github. My projects attempted to shoe-horn SRP6 into a simple PHP registration app via a probably very insecure system() call. I thought I had it working, but my Go app's generation of SPR6 s & v must be off, cause the generated accounts would never auth on the client. 

So I am exploring other cores and found MaNGOS.  Will be following `linux/getmangos.sh` over the weekend to spinup a MaNGOS Zero instance and go from there.  Looking forward to learning more.


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