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Seem to be missing Rel21_03_001*.sql



Debian 9

I've been having issues with the databases. InstallDatabases.sh isn't working, andI try to apply the updates in order but I think I'm missing one (or more) of them. "Rel21_03_001" is the one that just isn't anywhere to be found.


Here's what I'm getting when I try to apply Rel21_03_002_blackpaw_shaman.sql:


root@wotlk:~/mangos/database/World/Updates# mysql -u mangos -p mangos2 < Rel21_03_002_blackpaw_shaman.sql
===== Status =====      === Expected ===        ===== Found Version =====
* UPDATE SKIPPED *      Rel21_03_01 - IS NOT APPLIED    21_2_1 - Add_field_comments



InstallDatabases.sh seems to not be able to apply any of the updates. It looks for them in the following three areas but none of the directories it looks in even has any SQL files.

-> Characters/Updates/*.sql

-> World/Updates/*.sql

-> Realm/Updates/*.sql


All of the SQL files are in directories within the above file paths titled Rel18, Rel19, Rel20, Rel21, and with even more SQL files zipped and nested further in other directories that I've gone and unzipped. But the one that's missing just isn't there.


Unless I've done something wrong, I'm not sure that InstallDatabases.sh would even work given the directory structure of SQL files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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