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Built Linux version, copied ExtractResources.sh to a Windows Machine - 'vmaps' directory is empty or does not exist



Firstly, I am trying to install Mangos Three on a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS. I built and installed the server on the VPS, and copied the ExtractResources.sh and all of the files in the tools directory over to my Windows machine where I have the WoW client that I downloaded. 

Running `bash ExtractResources.sh` seems to partially work. The directory vmaps gets created, the maps seem to get located, but vmaps gives me the 'vmaps' directory is empty or does not exist error. 

Attached is the detailed logs.

1) Is it ok to use the Linux-built ExtractResources.sh on a Windows machine? If not, how do I make this happen if I want to use a Linux VPS?
2) If it is allowed, what steps can I take to get this working?

Thanks for any help!



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Welp, I feel dumb. I was using this walkthrough: 

 and I was copying and pasting commands... and the build was for mangoszero, not mangosthree. I then tried to run the extractor on the 4.3.4 client, which obv won't work.  Rebuilding the ACTUAL mangosthree server and retrying the extraction...

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I was going to reply but the process was long running.

I saw that the issue was the linux package as she seems to realize now.

I just following this guide for Windows which uses the Linux-style script and the more obvious Windows binaries: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/guideswindows/extracting-game-data-r20067/

That should help, and also I can report there is no current large issues with the three's client extraction tools.

 I can post my log and some details for reference as attachments.  I have the result folders with files in them as you can see below, and some errors during the process as well.

My tools directory for Mangos Server Three that I compiled from source on master at 18d218a2ae23ecc91b673cb163be4bc9ffe7e897 just yesterday in Release mode, but the release package should work too:



My result folders with some meaningful information:



811M    Buildings
10496 files
Sample file: Burntoutpost06.m2

111M    dbc
334 files
Sample file: Achievement.dbc

168M    maps
3227 files
Sample file: 0002035.map

1.4G    mmaps
3474 files
Sample file: 000.mmap

1.7G    vmaps
13683 files
Sample file: Sunwell.wmo.vmo



MaNGOSExtractor.log MaNGOSExtractor_detailed.log MoveMapGen_detailed.log

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