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What are dbc's and how do i set them up for different languages?



So I added the german translation to the database of my offline mangos zero server, now when i connect with the en client quest texts and stuff is in english and when i connect with the de client everything is german.

But in the mangosd.conf there is the setting DBC.locale, so i extracted the dbc from the german client also and some of them are indeet different to the english counterparts.

So my questions is how to set them up correctly?

What does the DBC.locale setting actually do?

What happens when i run the game and database in german when i don't have the german dbc files?

What are the dbc files actually? (That might allready answer some questions xD)

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So if i get it correctly: The DBC's contain localized strings (and other stuff).

The mangos server reads all translations from the database. If there is an untranslated string, it checks if localized dbc's are installed and if they contain the missing string?

How do I correctly install different language dbc's? I only found this guide for trinity core: http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?197513-guide-Using-Multiple-Language-Locales

Does it apply to mangos too?

Since mangos switches from englich to german automatically based on the client used to connect to the server: What is the exact functionallity of the DBC.Locale setting? (Didn't find any obvious difference when changing it)

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