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mangosone - map file is non-compatible version created with a different map-extractor version



When executing ./mangosd on my linux machine it errors with 

Map file '/opt/wow/install/mangos/data/maps/0004331.map' is non-compatible version created with a different map-extracto
r version.

My filesystem is like this:

/opt/wow/install/mangos/bin - folder for ./mangosd and ./realmd executable
/opt/wow/install/mangos/data - folder for my extracted game data
/opt/wow/install/mangos/conf - folder for my mangos.conf and realmd.conf
I've tried extracting the game data twice and with succes. But the ./mangosd says it is non-compatible version.  The DataDir value in my conf is this: DataDir = "/opt/wow/install/mangos/data"
The first time I extracted the mmaps folder was 1.1 GB and the second time it was 811 MB. They both are non-compatible versions...
The extraction tool was compiled with the latest release of mongosone. 
The client I used was HellfireTBC. Is this a problem?

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Sorry in my delay in getting back to you, but I wanted to be sure.

I built the server from a fresh clone of the repo and built the server and the extractors, I then used the extractors to extract the data.

My created file matched yours, so the extractors are correct.

I then compiled the server and set it up and ran it, it loaded without issues.
- This implies that the mangos you are using is not the latest version


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