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Hello All,

So since setting up my initial MangosOne server I think I have learnt a lot but like a toddler have many questions.

So far I have good understanding of how the DB is structured and how to add things, update items, create custom vendors, understand how the tables more or less have their relationships and getting comfy with setting up servers and why things sometimes fail.


Currently I have the following servers:

Classic, TBC, WOTK, Cataclysm

I know for certain I am not running the SQL correctly as I have 4 Realmd Databases (Realmd0, Realmd1, Realmd2, Realmd3) and these could be consolidated under one I think: I am only installing on one machine.


When I add a row to Item_template and then spawn the item in game the icon is "?" and in the mangos.exe it is an unexpected item, any way to solve this? Reason: I didn't want to edit the base item but add another identical item without the reputation demand (Nether Ray), so we copy the item from item_template table give a high entry ID and change the relevant column .

To open the the actual code for the game where do I go, (i.e, see boss scripts, dungeon scripts)

Custom portals are something I am working on but that should be relatively easy once I get the DB relationship right, or is it even possible?

Things I found out:

NPC_Vendor_Template has a max number of about 130 per vendor template (not the full table)

Arena's are not on and need to be started from events

Don't tele to X,y unless you are sure, but can be corrected through SQL

Kind regards


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