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I am new to mangos, databases and software in general ( other than clicking on install buttons).  So if I ask stupid questions please forgive me, I will learn over time.

I am in my 60's and have played wow on a private server since burning crusade, however after they shutdown I have been unable to find a new server that suits me, so I decided to start my own 1 player version, all hosted on one pc though once i learn enough I may virtualize the server pc. but thats for the future. I will be leaving the database alone once working - at least until i have learned enough to alter things without breaking them;-).

A big thank you to all you guys for creating or helping with mangos, and thank you to antz who has all ready helped me out installing it

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Hi, pretty new here too but welcome.

Half of the fun of things like this for me is breaking them (constructively) and then learning why they break to understand them a lot better :). Just make sure you note your changes and how to revert them and you will be just find.

Heads up, I couldn't run the client on a VM.


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