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Customer Vendors - On GM Island



Hi All,

If you would like the Trainers / Vendors I have on GM Island and don't want to spend hours like I did then find the SQL Data Rows in the attached files, they are by no means perfect but got the job done for us. I am also sure someone with better knowledge of SQL could package these into a script so you don't need to manually import them.

Import the rows into corresponding tables from the filename


creature: uses GUID of 200000+ so if you have already used these numbers change them

Creature_template: entry used are 100000+ so if you have already used these numbers change them

NPC_Vendor_template: entry used are 900+ so if you have already used these numbers change them and then change them to match in creature_template (VendorTemplateId column)

Import Example for Heidi:

Before proceeding take a backup of the database so you have a recovery point if anything goes wrong. 

1: Go to Tools and then Import CSV:


2: Select the File you want to import and make sure to change the destination table to the correct one

3: Change Options to ignore the first row as we don't want to import the column headers

4: Select the option of how you want to handle duplicate rows

5: As its a CSV file set the control characters as in the image below


After all 4 files have been imported you should tele to GM Island and have something like this


Trainers and Weapon skill vendors are inside.

Kind regards





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