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class and talent modification



Dear MaNGOS community,


Trying to  modify the warlock class ( armor restriction, talent time and cool-down, for exemple), i looked into the mysql databases and find nothing conclusive...

I don't know where to search in the mangos/server/src folder.

Does anybody know the files to modify please?

Is there a specific command to compile an altered file or should i have to build again the binary after modifying the appropriate files?


Thank you

kind regards from Guadeloupe

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Hello ,

For armor just learn the skills using .learn  command

For the rest i'm afraid it is not achievable using DB you will have to code it by yourself in C++, and then recompile the source code.

There should be lots of files involved but by studying how Spells work you will be able to do anything you want in SpellHandlers :)

Since you are from Guadeloupe you will understand : Des fois y'a pas le choix faut plonger dans l'code :) du coup ben à part bidouiller le code source, recompiler et tester en jeu y'a pas d'autre moyen, faut apprendre par soi même c'est le but de MaNGOS 😛 c'est un projet éducatif à la base.

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