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Instant Gear - Equip item automatically



Hello guys,

I'm looking for equipping automatically the items provided by a NPC (Quest) to do like an instant gear function.


I was not able to find much documentation on this.


Any idea how to do it or where to find such info?


Thank you

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Hello @Karibu 

You will have to modify the core on how bought items are handled.
The modfication would act as follow :

  • Before buying, check if player has enough space for storing the item ;
  • Then if buy is OK, check if item is equipable ;
  • Determine the equipment slot the item belongs to ; 
  • Remove current equiped item on destination slot and put it on an empty bag slot ;
  • Add the item in the destination slot (proeprty stored in the items itself to help finding the correct equipment slot)

On another hand, the feature as described is not really a good idea since all players do not want to equip items directly after buying them from an NPC.
If they have big bags it will force them to search for the undesired equiped item.

Can you explain more uses cases ?

For the technical side you will find the BuyItemFromVendor method in the core in Player.cpp file.


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Ok !

Well, since player can change equiped stuff they would be able to tweak it by themself. So even if you "force" equiping, the player will always be able to switch.
Perhaps you can try to investigate another way to ensure player have same items equiped before fighting for each class, but using vendors is not the recommended way to be honest :)

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