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How to enable PlayerBots?

Max Wang


Hi Everyone,

When i started mangosd.exe, it should me message that "PlayerBots : Disabled". Does anyone know what happened? I had set "AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1" in file "aiplayerbot.conf". I checked everything i know, but still don't know how to enable playerbots function. Please help me!!

Here is what mangosd.exe displayed.



Here is my file "aiplayerbot.conf", which is located in the same folder with "mangosd.exe".


And here is screenshot of my configure in cmake window.




Max Wang

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hello, i also was wondering why it shows disabled but in fact it is enabled it creates bots at first startup but the issue i found was that random bot characters are not given names so they dont spawn into the world.

i dont know if this is an issue for everyone (tested on arm64 and amd64).

what you can do is go into the "character" database and then "characters" you will see many bot accounts without names inside the "name" table, just give them names and do "rndbot init" in console and they should spawn in. 



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