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  1. Hello, when I tried to update the databases, it happens that I got this message : ERROR 1231 (42000) at line 6: Variable 'net_buffer_length' can't be set to the value of '1000000' So I had to remove all those lines to get things working : SET GLOBAL net_buffer_length=1000000; SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=1000000000; SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=10000000;
  2. Hi, I'm signaling a bug, when I try to create an account I get. I use MySQL 5.7.19 on Wampserver64. SQL: INSERT INTO account(username,sha_pass_hash,joindate) VALUES('XALARES','2874E6A1E7CB431E916472247555B97359EC1C1F',NOW()) SQL ERROR: Incorrect datetime value: '0000-00-00 00:00:00' for column 'last_login' at row 1
  3. Hi everybody, I'm trying since few weeks to set up a mangos three server (under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). First I tried with a Mangos One, wich worked perfectly. But now I'm experiencing issue with extracting data for mangos three, but I'm getting this error :"./getmangos.sh : ligne 1221 : 2235 Erreur de segmentation (core dumped) ./vmap-extractor There was an issue while extracting VMaps!" I tried under windows and it doesn't extract the vmaps even if it looks like it works perfectly with dbc and maps, i think this is the same issue, but I can't figure It out. I tried with files that I get from the forum (vmaps and mmaps), and then they said : "Chek existing of map file' ./maps/5301243.map' : not exist! Correct *.map files not found in path './maps or *.vmtree /*.vmtile file in './vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file." So i think that's maps aren't extracted properly. Thanks for your help !
  4. Hello, I'm Alexis, 21 years old I'm here because I've a Wow nostalgia and I wished that I could play to it once again alone, exploring the map, do the raid etc. I studied computer science, but I'm not able to fix Mangos, not now, but compared as when I was younger, now I understand better what I'm doing when I'm setting up a wow server. I grew up with megaupoload, I've played to Wow since it was sold, and I settled up my first wow server with mangos at the age of 13th but I didn't really knew what I was doing. So that's a bit of my story. Mangos team is doing a great job. Bye, see you soon !
  5. Tanks for the answer, but I tried yesterday and it still doesn't work, I don't know maybe I've done something wrong. I'll try again. Thanks again !
  6. Hello everyone, I've seen that this post was the march 27th, and I have the same matter with building mangos three on linux Ubuntu 16.04. So I put this message here, and I hope it's the right place. Please keep us updated, thanks to all the team !

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