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Mangosbot Addon - How to tell Bots to Mount up?


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Similarly, is there a way to make bots use certain spells? 

I added one of my own characters to party, but they aren't using the correct buffs or spells. Sorry if this has been covered somewhere but I have read the command guide quite extensively, but I don't see anything pertaining to spell/buff usage.  Toggling the buff types in the Mangosbot UI doesn't appear to do anything. 

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I'm not sure I have fully grasped all there is to know about Bot control. 

I suffered through 20 or so attempts at killing Devourer of souls, but I could not find a way to make the bots move off the debuff pools, or really move at all once engaged. 

I toggled flee/follow, different formations but they don't seem to listen once the order of attack has been given. I came marginally close to out healing the damage, but I think it was beyond the limits of a 5k GS druid. No matter which commands I gave, they just seem too content to have a bubble bath inside the debuff pools and the gaze. 

I managed heroic VH and Gundrak first try, but FOS was the breaking point it seems. 



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