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The State of MaNGOS in 2023

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The last few years have been hard for MaNGOS.

The pandemic hurt us all, but on top of that we've also had the following:

Losing Necrovoice (our resident DB expert) was a huge lose - RL issues meant that he had to stand down until further notice.
Losing our remaining two full time devs was a huge loss - Again RL issues meant they both had to stand down permently.

I also had huge personal losses in 2022 which resulted in me having to step back from active duty for 6 months. I offered to officially step down but my two colleagues and fellow trustees of Mangos didn't want me to.

So for 2023, where does this lead Mangos ?

Here's what I know !

  • I'm just about back onboard, as is MadMax (the other trustee remains anonymous for now)
  • We have no full time Mangos core devs
  • We have no full time Mangos DB devs

So the situation sounds grim, is mangos finished ?

We are in better shape than after the massive hack / takedown attempt just under 10 years ago.

Back then, we had no dev team, no admin team and had lost all the code repositories, In ten years we rebuilt and now have stronger cores than we ever did.

Mangos is a community project and as such belongs to each and every one of you. Madmax and I are only the guardians who look after it and protect it,

I love mangos and will do what I can to see it prevail. To that end, I ask anyone who can to contribute and help us make it better.

Antz (Mangos guardian)

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I'm sorry to hear that the year was so hard for mangos' team.

Covid affected us all but I can't imagine a freelance app like this being hit as hard as you were. 

I'm not around this community as much but I've been following and using the project for years.


I own an IT and sysadmin firm and would be happy to provide anything in our spare resources to make lives easier so the core team (that is remaining or joins in the future) can focus on updating the cores, rather than workflows, servers, etc.

Obviously I'm not a trusted member or anything, but I figured I'd throw in my hat.


Thanks for all you've done over the course of this project, it's a thankless job but I want to thank you for it. It's brough a lot of people together.

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