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[Fix][7787] Guardian Spirit

Guest Maxxie

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ok, but i will fix 2 problem in patch:

1) not safe store aura pointers if later aura can be rempved/etc, better store spellEntry+amount

2) if today classes have only single specific spell not meaning that spell not need checked in addition to spell family check.

3) rogue spell case chance need check _before_ assign prevent death data. This need for correct work in case:

rogue have talent and have applied priest buff, talent applied after priest buff check and overwride it and then chance check fail. I not think that this is good way for work: die when have 2 anti-die buff/talent and one from its 100% chance always.

4) as death preventing i think this must be applied after any damage reducing auras check.

With this changes in [7787]. Thank you :)

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