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[MB Project] Some ideas.

Guest Leonid Lepotic

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First off all, let me say HELLO to all community members. I am newbie here, but I am going to stay active as much as I can. I'm leader of some new projects like MB Edited-Emu and WizServer. I am most proud on Wiz but IDK, I will see about MB Edited-Emu.

This MB Project is big one, also our first one. We will edit MaNGOS core (make it support Lua, e.t.c..). I hope you guys won't be angry.

If you have some suggestions please post them here.


Leonid Lepotic

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The only valid argument for supporting lua in core is lack of compilation.
Even that is a fairly weak argument when with the precompiled header, SD2 compiles in seconds. And if someone fixed the makefiles on linux and implemented the very few missing things required for full runtime script reload support it would be perfect.
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