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C++ for Mangos

Auntie Mangos

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  • 39 years later...

Hey guys !

So i am learning C++ with a french book : "C++ pour les nuls" it is very good and i really understand every functiuns etc. I would appreciate if somebody could tell me what should i do to understand mangos well ? To fix bugs and make SD2 script. With what should i start ? After that ?

Thank you a lot !

Sorry for bad english, i am french :)

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It won't help me to do a teleport guy for example...i need to know mangos structure to create patch that would have an effect on the core. So i just need to read my book ? And read every single cpp file ? :)

lol sorry, i didn't understad the question :)

you can find gm commands in game here http://readytogame.com/$/$/243commands.htm

to fix spells/acces the core, you can find in the mangos project what you want. for exemple, if you want to fix a certain spell, you should start looking into game/world handler/spell effects.cpp, or so.

try to get a look into custom patch, of what and where the modify are applied, you'll learn a lot.


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reading the installation guide and using GiT instead of just downloading the zip of the source is MUCH better.

yes probably your right, but last time i used git i got a 6928 mangos :confused:

so i prefer old way :rolleyes:

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Hey ! I think that nobody understood what i said before... I know git, get sources files and etc.

What i want to learn for example :

- create a teleport guy

- put different spells on worldboss I made (SD2 right?)

- fix bugs

- create events AI

Meaning: Understand how mangos works. Example, for database there is UDB wiki which describes every tables of mangos DB. Is there something similar for the core (and scriptdev2 which is very very very important) ? I've learned functions, syntax, pointers...already.

If not...how did you guys learned how to debug and make scripts? :)

Are you some kind of geniuses ?? :D

Sorry bad English again hope you understand this time.

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thank you daveem ! I ll check out scriptdev2.com

Can you link me some interesting patches about correcting spells ? Will that be a problem if I send you some private message if I need help ? So I can learn better things hard to made.

My project :

- script like a mad guy :) (boss, teleport are The objective, but there is so much more ;))

- repare spells...I have watch some patches from here but...:) I understood them but I don't think I am capable to fix Dk invocations for example. I think it is here I need some good and full patches well explained..

- EventAI !!! (hard xD)

So may I some times send you private message when I need help ?

May I have some good patches for spells ?

Thanks a lot men !

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