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|REQUEST| BG queue announce

Guest Dizblo

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When someone enters the BG queue server will do announce. Something like

BG queue announce Warsong Gulch H(1/5) A(0/5)

can't remember exactly how it looks like.

yeah it shows something like that, but it's sometimes little bugged,

When all players are inthe wsg line, it can show like:

Warsong Gulch H(5/5) A(0/5) When it should show

Warsong Gulch H(5/5) A(5/5) But when you re-enter, WSG will start : )

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If you set this all players will see the announce

Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Enable = 1

and if you set this only the player who enters the queue will see the announce

Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.PlayerOnly = 1

thanks for the reply diablox


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