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Editing Macros?

Guest Invalid1021

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Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to remove/edit macros.:confused:

For example, Allowing /in to access /cast again? or maybe creating a new command(kind of) that can be accessed via /(new command).

The new command would be something like /sellall white. or /sell value 10 (this would sell all items with a value of under 10 copper, excluding quest items, etc.)

I am completely new to C++, so I have tried to look into it, but have no idea where to start at doing any of this.

Thanks for any help on the matter.

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I guess that /commands are handled only by the client (in most cases).

Yeah i thought so... *sigh*

Thanks for the fast reply, was hoping it could be server sided, but oh well. I'll find a way around it.

Custom patches aren't really an option so, i guess i'll have to look at making a custom command for the /in or a modified .cast to make sure that the player has it and has enough mana etc.

Close please...-_-

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