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  • 39 years later...

I used the "Search" button and looked thru 6 sites of threads with only 3-5 threads about SpellFamilyFlags

I just want to know how to define them.

How does spell id 55271 become (e.g.) 00x23215235 ?

Where in spell.dbc is the number and how do i convert it into hex ?

No one answered in the other threats, it was only "look at other examples in the source" ah cool 00x332523325...its uhh....I dont know :<

Help me please

p.s. im a newbie as you could imagine :>

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how can i handle a proc on two strikes of e.g. deathknight the first is:

if (m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & 0x8000000000000LL)

but i want to proc it on another strike aswell...

idont know if its the right val but i think ^^ 0x8000200 <-- for scourge strike

if (m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & 0x8000000000000LL,0x8000200) doesnt works

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Both are bitmasks. You just have to combine those two wit a logical OR (bitwise), to make m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags 0x'whatever' return true for both spells.

That means:

0x8000000000000 OR



0x8000008000200 =

So if you use the result with this bitwise AND operation, it will always return true if one (or more) bits of m_spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags fit to this bitmask.

Just note, that two bit's in one SpellFamilyFlag (like in 0x8000200 for your scourge strike) are not that often and eventually have any special reason. Maybe you should check out other flags of the dead knights spells and find out if any other spells share one of those two bits. You should only take the unique one this spell in this case.

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