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[BUG] Hunter's Mark

Guest Shad00w

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Mangos Version: 8338

SD2 Version: 1344

Database Name and Version : UDB release 0.11.5 (382)

1. create hunter lvl 70

2. cast Hunters Mark on creature XXX

How it DOES work:

Hunter's Mark marking target and hunter when he have active tracking (for example humanoid), see target icon on the mini - map. But this spell don't add 500 ranged attack power from Hunter's Mark :/

This skill its a very important for Hunters because player have add damage.

How it SHOULD work:

Link :


Places the Hunter's Mark on the target, increasing the ranged attack power of all attackers against that target by 500. In addition, the target of this ability can always be seen by the hunter whether it stealths or turns invisible. The target also appears on the mini-map. Lasts for 5 min.

Buff :

All attackers gain 500 ranged attack power against this target.

5 minutes remaining

//I don't want create a new topic but hard to say if it works - Improved Hunter's Mark - http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=19423

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Actually this +500RAP buff is not visible on your char, so if your hunter has like 3000 RAP, in your char window it won't show as if you have 3500 RAP, but you do (I think at least).

Try this, add/buy the worst bow/gun the game has to offer so that it has a very small damage range, doing so you'll getting less damage fluctuation. First shoot a dummy target without a Hunter's Mark, write the damage down and now put a Hunter's Mark on target and see if the damage is better. I've done this a while back and I noticed some increase in damage, don't know if it's adding +500RAP of not but it is adding at least something.

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I think you try it with this talent Marked for Death that caused the +dmg.


I tried it with arcane shot (on beast mastery talent) and the dmg was the same without HM and with HM too. And you are right the attack power bonus is not visible in the char, just the dmg will increase.

sorry for my english

Just wanted to say Autoshot damage is increasing according to having a HM on target (so most likely it will increase damage with every hunter shots) BUT Arcane Shot is some weird case, somehow it's scaling with some SP dunno why.

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