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How area specific spells work?

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1 ) make sure that the spell focus GO is spawned

2 ) make sure you're close enough to it (one of the datax fields determines this)

3 ) be sure to restart server and clean out client cache after changing gameobject_template

Failing at this, please contact your DB provider for support. MaNGOS forum is ok for general questions about how the server works, but not for content-specific help.

As listed here: http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=84

TBCDB is probably your best bet for help, since it's focused on the MaNGOS 0.12 branch that you're using.

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I have ran into problem with spell which used to work fine, but now something is changed.

Problem is with spell 19564 (Draw Water Sample). It is used in item Empty Cliffspring Falls Sampler (i15844). This spell is creating new item (i15845), but it works only at Cliffspring Falls Cave Mouth. (Whole this is part quest 6122, The Principal Source).

I have dug databases quite widely now, but everything seems to be like it used to be. I have before wondered how this kind of spells work, when they require specific location where they can be used.

I grepped source with spell id, few keywords I thought could have been used in comments related to this spell, but didn't get any good results.

Can anyone give me hints how this is handled, and what I can do to help fix it? (I'm using mangos-0.12, 2.4.3 is fun :) )

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Thank you for pointing right direction :)

Now I think I understand how those work, but it leaves me with feeling that in current state those are broken, ie. spellfocus isn't read from gameobjects. This specific case has gameobject which contains spellfocus 1003, and I verified from dbc that this is correct value for this spell.

Any pointers where to start digging now in core if it is really broken, or am I overlooked something? (someone if could verify this it would help too.)

I'm running core from mangos-0.12 branch, version is ad53cae1 (2009-08-24). At least commits after that doesn't clearly say they have fixed things like this, but I think I compile latest core and check if this problem is still there.

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Actually, I think this particular case is broken on UDB too. At least it's broken in my UDB-based DB, I didn't change anything in that quest, others work just fine.

I had similar problem with trial of the lake (combining two pendants) - I spawned the GO, it worked. After server restart, it was deleted, even though it was in the DB before (clean) restart.

Not that I can provide any useful debug info, but it may very well be a 0.12 regression.

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