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[Patch/dev] Pet improvements

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Hello all,

I started a few weeks ago with some pet fixies. I know, it is too hacky :(

Comments and ideas are welcome ;)

What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

Problems what I tried fix:

  • * Warlock pet doesn't has a corpse.
    * Pets, summons, guardians and totems doesn't have properly FFA flag in FFA areas.
    * Pets are temporary unsummoned while is owner mounted in arena.
    * Warlock pet health, mana calculation is outdated. (I took coef from tc2 :-/ thx to nesocip)
    * Dead pets are revived after mount and dismount.
    * Warlock pet doesn't stay on login screen and it credit soulshard after logout.
    * Out of range dismiss doesn't work.
    * Some problem with summon, unsummon pets while enter/leave arena.
    * Reset Pet spell cooldown if pet die

Revision: 8518

Branch: http://github.com/corfen/mangos/tree/pets

Patch: http://pastebin.com/f72706fed

Some TODO:

+ Warlock pet should have a saved health and mana while warlock mouted

(after dismount warlock pet has full hp & mana instead hp, mana before warlock mounted).

+ After hunter's pet dies call pet should not work, hunter has to use Revive Pet.

- Correct pet spell damage calculation. ( thx pasdVn and ApoC http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=7233 )

Corfen =)

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Is it my fault or git is downloading patch and stopping at line 235 (using command: git clone git://gist.github.com/172777.git).

Any idea beside typing the rest manually?

OS: Linux PLD

you're trying to download a gist and not a repo... ;)

for git clone you've to use the repository (see his branch-link).

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     if ( stat == STAT_STAMINA )
- if(owner)
+ if(owner && owner->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER && owner->getClass() == CLASS_WARLOCK)
+ value += float(owner->GetStat(stat)) * 0.75f;
+ else if (owner)
            value += float(owner->GetStat(stat)) * 0.3f;

Is that correct? wiki states that warlock pets get 0.3 stamina per 1 owner's stamina :o

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Thanks for that AWESOME patch, but i found some bugs: for example if you warlock and go to arena, summon any pet, setup aggressive mode for pet and use any mount - when you run near the opponent - pet begin to attack the opponent - pet shouldn't attack when you are mounted, but it happens :/

Sorry for bad English :wacko:

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Another bug, that cause a server crash:

1) you warlock

2) your pet dies

3) you went away from your pet

4) server crash on dismissing

Out of range dismiss doesn't work. - can you point a part of code that fixing it?

And strange behavior... crashes only on linux server, on windows server i can't reproduce

This a crash source. And i think that happens because you set a deathtimer.

@@ -458,9 +458,22 @@ void Pet::setDeathState(DeathState s)                       // overwrite virtual
-        //remove summoned pet (no corpse)
-        if(getPetType()==SUMMON_PET)
-            Remove(PET_SAVE_NOT_IN_SLOT);
+        //remove summoned pet
+        if(getPetType()==SUMMON_PET || getPetType()==GUARDIAN_PET)
+        {
+            //Warlock summoned pet has corpse
+            Unit* owner = GetOwner();
+            if(owner && owner->GetTypeId()==TYPEID_PLAYER && owner->getClass()==CLASS_WARLOCK)
+            {
+                SetUInt32Value( UNIT_DYNAMIC_FLAGS, 0x00 );
+                RemoveFlag (UNIT_FIELD_FLAGS, UNIT_FLAG_SKINNABLE);
+                // 10 sec until corpse disappear
+                m_deathTimer = 10000;
+            }
+            //remove summoned pet (no corpse)
+            else
+                Remove(PET_SAVE_NOT_IN_SLOT);
+        }
        // other will despawn at corpse desppawning (Pet::Update code)

You also can crash server if your pet dies and you abandon him

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Thank you for the patch!

I'm currently working on the pet stats, too. Did you made any more detailed researches on the mana/intellect ratio? I have just some datas from lower level warlocks, but seems to be a non-linear connection - at least at those low levels.

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