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Hello, just wondering if any of you might know whats causing my problems.

I recently just got my latest Revision (6099) working with scriptdev2 (435) and ACID rev12

Its all installed correctly im sure, and when I log in and play it seems fine.

Then i got my wife playing on our other computer and our friend connected from the internet, and while we were playing the mobs were acting like crap.

Basically, they would have problems like:

-Not be able to attack them even if they were standing right in front of you. just would say "The target needs to be in front of you..." DUH?

-After killing one, its corpse would jump a distance away from you.

-When they got low on life they would appear to have the "FEAR" spell casted on then and they run away very very fastly.

-Their corpses would sparkle for all of us but only 1 person could loot it.

-The Guards in stormwind would not give directions, i think because you couldnt get the menu open with them cause they didnt stop walking. so by the time you ask, they are out of range.

Anyone know what is wrong?

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intel dual core 2.14

1 gig ram


Not sure what other hardware you need to know about.

But why would it be laggy with only 3 players?

I do have have 2 processors, i never messed with the line in mangos.conf that says "Use processors 0" do i need to change that number?

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