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[fix][9046] send channeling start/update packet


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Bug: If you cast a channeling spell, only you will see the correct casting bar. If anybody else does (other player, mob, your own pet...) you wont see the bar.

Fix: MSG_CHANNEL_START, and MSG_CHANNEL_UPDATE should not only be send by- and to the casting player, but to all players in range (that means also on channeling casts from creatures).

Patch: http://github.com/pasdVn/mangos/commit/1bc38f77096a4f066083026c854f4cf067db5451


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old bug. But fix need more correct.

m_caster->SendMessageToSet(&data, true);
void WorldObject::SendMessageToSet(WorldPacket *data, bool /*bToSelf*/)
toself commented, need ditectly send to player if caster player
m_caster->SendMessageToSet(&data, false);

if (m_caster->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER)

((Player*)m_caster)->GetSession()->SendPacket( &data );

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Hmm, are you sure about that? I did not work before at a similar problem, but I think this is done no where else in the code and is not needed (have a lok at send spell go, or send spell start, etc.).

I tried the patch and did not have any problems.

Edit: You took the wrong method (WorldObject::SendMessageToSet). It is redefined for Players -> Polimorphism (Player::SendMessageToSet), what is doning nothing more than you mentioned here.

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these packet its not self-send packets


------ CMSG_SET_ACTIVE_MOVER ------ 
1655160100000007        my guid(unpacked)

------ MSG_CHANNEL_START ------ 
8F1655160107        my packed guid    
5EA70000            spell id    
CB080000            duration    

------ MSG_CHANNEL_UPDATE ------ 
DB0210BE5030F1        other packed guid
00000000            cast time?

------ MSG_CHANNEL_START ------ 
DB0210BE5030F1        other packed guid      
638A0000            spell id    
D0070000            duration    

as you can see in example - i can receive these packets from other units


lets look at packed guid DB0210BE5030F1, 02 10 00 BE 50 00 30 F1 - it is unpacked version, "30 F1" - guid hightpart - HIGHGUID_UNIT (look at HighGuid enums)

enum HighGuid
   HIGHGUID_ITEM           = 0x4000,                       // blizz 4000
   HIGHGUID_CONTAINER      = 0x4000,                       // blizz 4000
   HIGHGUID_PLAYER         = 0x0000,                       // blizz 0000
   HIGHGUID_GAMEOBJECT     = 0xF110,                       // blizz F110
   HIGHGUID_TRANSPORT      = 0xF120,                       // blizz F120 (for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRANSPORT)
   HIGHGUID_UNIT           = 0xF130,                       // blizz F130
   HIGHGUID_PET            = 0xF140,                       // blizz F140
   HIGHGUID_VEHICLE        = 0xF150,                       // blizz F550
   HIGHGUID_DYNAMICOBJECT  = 0xF100,                       // blizz F100
   HIGHGUID_CORPSE         = 0xF101,                       // blizz F100
   HIGHGUID_MO_TRANSPORT   = 0x1FC0,                       // blizz 1FC0 (for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_MO_TRANSPORT)

that mean, like pasdVn said, that not only players can be source of these packets

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