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Do you guys have an IRC channel?

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this channel exists since very long time (has been announced here: http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=300&highlight=freenode)

in this channel you can't find much devs... some are there, but only a few, exactly because there are too much 'beginners' there. but most time this channel is just ideling, without any conversation.

but just fyi: irc channels are *very* important for fast conversations ;)

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The question is, will a IRC channel really be useful? What probably will happen is that hundreds of beginners will join, ignoring any tutorial, FAQ or thread they can found here and in many other mangos related forum, querry peoply like Vladimir who having op an start asking thing like "how should I start" oder "can you help me with that sql error" and so on. At this moment, I can not see any usement of a irc channel.

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