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[Help]modifying command. tele lvl 1 gm

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hello, I want a help here on how to modify the command. gmlvl in 1 tele for so he can run when not being attacked, for use when being attacked not give to use when being attacked well the command line is this if they can help me how he had been and where it is and how is the command to make the change


bool ChatHandler: HandleTeleCommand (const char * args)


if (* args)

return false;

Player _PLAYER = m_session-> getPlayer ();

/ / Id, or string, or [name] Shift-click form | color | Hoel: id | h [name] | h | r

GameTele const * tele extractGameTeleFromLink = ((char *) args);

if (tele)



SetSentErrorMessage (true);

return false;


/ / Stop flight if need

if (_PLAYER-> isInFlight ())


_PLAYER-> GetMotionMaster () -> MovementExpired ();

_PLAYER-> m_taxi.ClearTaxiDestinations ();


/ / Save only in non-flight case


_PLAYER-> SaveRecallPosition ();

_PLAYER-> teleportt (tele-> mapId, tele-> position_x, tele-> position_y, tele-> position_z, tele-> orientation);

return true;


where I put the command and control and what that faiz to make it work it

well I'm not very fluent in English plus any doubts ask me


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im not sure if i understand what you want... you wanna to make .tele unusable in combat? if it is folow >>>

        return false;
[color=SeaGreen]+    if(_player->isInCombat())  //Combat check
+    {
+        SendSysMessage("Em combate");
+        SetSentErrorMessage(true);
+        return false;
+    }[/color]

    // stop flight if need

just this.

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It is better to use the new table than to change the old, which can vary in the future.

We can drop useless columns in any time.

Where you will place the new data? It will not be simple to make a copy well. We have to use data which exists in a dbase.

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