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Hello, moving from Arc/Aspire i almost have all my scripts converted, as far as our teleporter goes we had a couple of different unique things and im not sure if they can be done here, so i will post them below and maybe someone knows the function or code for doing it as well thanks!

Buff - Make the npc cast a spell onto a player. --- Nvm i figured this one out on my own :D

Bind Hearthstone - Bind hearthstone to the teleporter.

Reset Spells - Reset player spells to starting ones.

Reset Talents - Reset player talents to where they have all there points again.

Save Character To DB - Saves there character to the database.

Remove Resurrection Sickness - Removes the resurrection sickness aura off of them. --- Nvm i figured this one out on my own :D

Make Player Emote - Make the player do a emote.

I really hope someone here at least knows how to do some of these, thank you so much for your help!

NOTE - I know this is a ScriptDev2 thing and i have a topic on there as well but im hoping by having it at both sites i will be able to get an answer, thanks!

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Does this mean no one knows any of these lol?

I figured out the commands for reset talent points and bind hearthstone and the menu's come up and will say you can reset your talent points for 1 gold or would you like to set your hearthstone here, but after i click ok or yes nothing happens so im not sure what thats about. :3

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