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[fixed][bug] Sanctified Wrath

Guest Killan

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resilience not supposed to be ignored in any way afaik (there was a blizz post about it somewhere)

Maybe you're talking about this:

I edited my previous post to correct my mistake. Resilience is not treated as a damage reduction effect. Nevertheless, the team still felt like the 3.1.3 change to Chaos Bolt was appropriate. You can find more details above or in the related Chaos Bolt thread.



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I've been testing this talent to see how resilience works with it so....


armor: 50.38%

resilience all dmg reduction: 18.8%

resilience crits dmg reduction: 20.68%

Has no talents at all (so no extra reduction dmg of any talent)

Has no buffs or debuffs of any kind


Damage 896-1078 (Average: 986)

Put enough points of talents just to reach Sanctified Wrath (no extra crits dmg bonus at all)

Have no buffs or debuffs of any kind

How it SHOULD work:

986*1.2 = 1183
dmg (no crit): (1183/2)*(1-0.5038)*(1-0.188) + (1183/2)*(1-0.188) = 719
dmg (crit): 1183*(1-0.5038)*(1-0.188)*(1-0.2068) + 1183*(1-0.188)*[b](1-0.2068[/b]) = 1140

Testing... dmg is (average):

dmg (no crit): 740

dmg (crit): 1366

As you can see, no-crit-dmg is near of theoretical dmg (719), but crit dmg is further than theoretical one (1140).


How it DOES work (I guess):

dmg (no crit): (1183/2)*(1-0.5038)*(1-0.188) + (1183/2)*(1-0.188) = 719
dmg (crit): 1183*(1-0.5038)*(1-0.188)*(1-0.2068) + 1183*(1-0.188) = 1339   //coefficient [b](1-0.2068)[/b] is missing


P.S.1: Tell me if I'm wrong somewhere.

P.S.2: I wanted to post ingame screenshots to show the dmg, talents and armor but I think the rules don't allow it :P

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