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mangos 8715

Reading comments on wowhead and thottbot.com I noticed that BloodFury since WotLK should no longer have reduce healing effect. So part of code from Spell.cpp

           if (m_spellInfo->Mechanic == MECHANIC_BANDAGE)  // Bandages
               AddPrecastSpell(11196);                     // Recently Bandaged
           else if(m_spellInfo->Id == 47345)               // Create Dark Brewmaiden's Brew
               AddPrecastSpell(47331);                     // Has Dark Brewmaiden's Brew
          [b] else if(m_spellInfo->SpellIconID == 1662 && m_spellInfo->AttributesEx & 0x20)
                                                           // Blood Fury (Racial)
               AddPrecastSpell(23230);                     // Blood Fury - Healing Reduction[/b]
           else if(m_spellInfo->Id == 20594)               // Stoneskin
               AddTriggeredSpell(65116);                   // Stoneskin - armor 10% for 8 sec

is no longer needed


Great news for orcs, Blood Fury still increases your attackpower/spellpower by same amount as always, but no longer causes -50% healing debuff and does not cause global cooldown (as it did just after 3.0).

One of the best racials for all situations now.


As of 3.0.2 Blood Fury no longer reduces healing received.

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