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Falling Through The World

Guest Commander

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After blind and other flee effects the character can fall through textures and die, when his z-coord < 500.0f (from MovementHandler.cpp):

        if(movementInfo.z < -500.0f)
                       && GetPlayer()->GetBattleGround()
                       && GetPlayer()->GetBattleGround()->HandlePlayerUnderMap(_player))
                       // do nothing, the handle already did if returned true
                               GetPlayer()->EnvironmentalDamage(GetPlayer()->GetGUID(),DAMAGE_FALL_TO_VOID, GetPlayer()->GetMaxHealth());

But when he appears at graveyard, he stays and can't move or take other actions. Inserting some clearUnitState-s does nothing. How to fix this bug? Is there some patches, fixing it?

Also, I have next question: why after blind character can move underground? I have vmaps enabled. In FleeingMovementGeneratos.cpp I tried to add after

                        if( !(new_z - z) || distance / fabs(new_z - z) > 1.0f)
                               float new_z_left = _map->GetHeight(temp_x + 1.0f*cos(angle+M_PI/2),temp_y + 1.0f*sin(angle+M_PI/2),z,true);
                               float new_z_right = _map->GetHeight(temp_x + 1.0f*cos(angle-M_PI/2),temp_y + 1.0f*sin(angle-M_PI/2),z,true);
                               if(fabs(new_z_left - new_z) < 1.2f && fabs(new_z_right - new_z) < 1.2f)
                                       x = temp_x;
                                       y = temp_y;
                                       z = new_z;

next lines:

                                        float zz = _map->GetHeight(temp_x, temp_y, MAX_HEIGHT);
                                       if(z < zz)
                                               z = zz + 1;

On my oppinion this step must make unavailable to fall through world while fleeing, but really it does nothing.

Please, help me, if anybody can read, what i wrote =)


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