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Spell resistance mechanics updated for WotLK

Auntie Mangos

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The patch was written for revision 8806.

This patch fixes the following bugs:

1. Partial resists occur in multiples of 10% (not 25% like pre-WotLK).

2. At a given value of resistance, only 3-4 resist percentages are possible.

3. The long-term average damage resisted at a given value of resistance appears to follow the formula

Average Resist = Resistance/(Constant+ Resistance)

For level 80 mobs, the Constant is 400.

For level 83 bosses, the Constant appears to be 510 (pending final confirmation).

4. The possibility of a given partial resist % is eliminated when the average resistance (from the above formula) is 20% higher.

5. The probability of each partial resist seems to obey a triangular distribution.

Bug report thread:


The patch was written by me.

More information about the formula is at:


Link to the patch:


Tested after applying the patch:

Casting shadow spells against a paladin with 130 Shadow Resist Aura:

Theoretically would result in:

10 percent resisted: 13.68%

20 percent resisted: 38.68%

30 percent resisted: 36.32%

40 percent resisted: 11.32%

Out of 239 spell hits I got:

10 percent resisted: 36 spells (15%)

20 percent resisted: 88 spells (37%)

30 percent resisted: 89 spells (37%)

40 percent resisted: 26 spells (11%)

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nice patch, but i think it has some problems, first i think this is incorrect:

if (level == BOSS_LEVEL)
           resistanceConstant = BOSS_RESISTANCE_CONSTANT;

should use pVictim->isWorldBoss() instead

and this:

float victimResistance = baseVictimResistance + ignoredResistance;

shouldn't it substract instead? or maybe i understood wrong


 uint32 level = getLevel();

it should be pVictim->getLevel() i guess

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