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I have REMOTE ACCESS Problem. I am using Open SuSe and firewall is down!

It is turned on.

Console.Enable = 1
Ra.Enable = 1
Ra.IP =
Ra.Port = 3443
Ra.MinLevel = 3
Ra.Secure = 1

It was working before rev 8886 http://github.com/mangos/mangos/commit/67a9a2f78b227a91b9e2ac2cd20be7e461f6abe7

The problem is that when i try to conect by putty i enter my username and pres enter and the window just disappears!


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yes i use Raw, telnet y ssh, ssh from putty and linux and telent from windows and linux but the answer from RA is The same response, plx i need this feature for admin my server from my house :D

I believe it's the so-called "problem between keyboard and chair" on your side, not "something to implement". Rather big problem.

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