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[FIX]Jouster's Fury

Guest rise

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What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

Fixed item Jouster's Fury (Alliance&horde) (proc chanche)

For which repository revision was the patch created?


Is there a thread in the bug report section or at lighthouse?


Who has been writing this patch? Please include either forum user names or email addresses.


DELETE FROM `spell_proc_event` WHERE `entry` IN (63251);
INSERT INTO `spell_proc_event`(`entry`, `SchoolMask`, `SpellFamilyName`, `SpellFamilyMask0`, 
`SpellFamilyMask1`, `SpellFamilyMask2`, `procFlags`, `procEx`, `ppmRate`, `CustomChance`, 
`Cooldown`)  VALUES
('63251','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','10','45''); --Tjosterfuror

wowahead link to the items:



wowahead link to the spell:


I'm sorry for my bad english ;)

It's my first fix, please dont flame its to little ... i learning step by step^^

if anything is wrong, please say it

Bug report:

Item: Jouster's Fury

What it does: It procs every hit you do.

What it have to do: It have only a 10% chanche to procc.

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With wowhead's comments : "By frode73 on 11/07/2009 (Patch 3.2.2) : Confirmed. This does have a ICD, 45s." :).

And most of these trinkets have an internal cooldown, without the ICD it would be OP.

BTW, thank you :).

PS : I have a question : why do you use value "9" in "SpellFamilyName" ?

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