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[9113 and older] Serious Bug (respawn)!

Guest Rol1983

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I found serious bug in these rev and in older: mangos compiled with clean mangos repo and clean udb 386

When player kill mobs these mobs not respawn ----->infos: Spawntime: Full:5m Remain:5m 56s (remain>full) :)

In older repos have these bug already.

player have great problem with this while killing mobs and other player go there again few hour and mob death...

while i restart server these death/killed mobs respawns.

thx.great work!

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I'm having the same issue when i set a npc spawntime to 30secs i get

Spawntime: Full: 30secs Remain:5m30s

I was going to try a clean version of mangos to see if it was one of the patches but reading the guy above he already tried it and got the same thing. Only thing i could think of was a core bug or i'm missing something here like a db option.

Mangos Version: 9159

Custom Patches: Vehicle, Dual Spec, insider42 and patches by me

SD2 Version: 1524

Database Name and Version : YTDB R527

How it SHOULD work: The respawn timer should start what spawntimesecs is set to

How it DOES work: Doesn't seem to listen to the spawntimesecs

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Thats not a bug.

Take a look to your config file where the corpse delay values for normal, elite and boss mobs are.

This time is added to your respawn time.

Means: If you kill a normal mob which has a respawn of 1minute and a default corpse delay value of 5 minutes in config, the mob will respawn after 6 minutes!

You can change the values but remember this time is the time that players have for loot.

NoFantasy intruduced a new function to make mobs respawn without the conf values. Of course you need c++ scripts for them to add the new function in script.



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