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[9288][spell] Living Ruby Pedant exploit

Guest przemratajczak

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Spell Living Ruby Pedant and Siphon Essence should do healing exact as it is described in spell tooltip. Instead after passing:

pdamage = pCaster->SpellHealingBonus(m_target, GetSpellProto(), pdamage, DOT, GetStackAmount());

receive spell bonus that makes it heal for insane amount of health. maybe SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_HEAL and SPELL_AURA_OBS_MOD_HEALTH should have two different cases?

DELETE FROM spell_bonus_data WHERE entry IN (31024,38395,5707,17712);
INSERT INTO spell_bonus_data VALUES
(31024,0,0,0,'Living Ruby Pedant'),
(38395,0,0,0,'Siphon Essence - Malefic Raiment set spell'),
(5707,0,0,0,'Lifestone Regeneration'),
(17712,0,0,0,'Lifestone Healing');

EDIT added:


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