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[9212] Can not compile

Auntie Mangos

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one more just poped up during config:

checking for OPENSSL... ../configure: line 15159: syntax error near unexpected token `elif'

../configure: line 15159: `elif test $pkg_failed = untried; then'

related to the "unable to compile" or i have a problem ?

It's not related to the above problem, this is due to my patch that broke configure in some (probably most) *NIX environments: http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?12148-[9219][patch]-Allow-configure-to-find-OpenSSL-if-pkg-config-fails&p=100789

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Anyone with build problem related to openssl detection can test patch suggested in http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?12148-%5B9219%5D%5Bpatch%5D-Allow-configure-to-find-OpenSSL-if-pkg-config-fails&p=101395&viewfull=1#post101395 ?

Ofc, confirmation that it still work in other cases alsocan be informative, but plese include in note is you have or not build porblems before this patch apply.

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since 9212 i get this:

../../../src/game/TargetedMovementGenerator.cpp:286: error: specialization of ‘void FollowMovementGenerator<T>::_updateSpeed(T&) [with T = Player]’ after instantiation
../../../src/game/TargetedMovementGenerator.cpp:292: error: specialization of ‘void FollowMovementGenerator<T>::_updateSpeed(T&) [with T = Creature]’ after instantiation

Comments on github are not working and nobody mentioned this, so I post it here.

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What? Did I say that I have custom patches? This is from clean mangos.

EDIT: But, you remind me vehicle branch - i will update it now.

EDIT2: wow, you must be really angry that i did not keep it up-to-date, as I look into some topics :) But i really dont read everything on mangos forum, one PM would be enough :)

EDIT3: Its up-to-date now, but due to this mangos compile error, i cant test it.

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