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[patch][6226] Fix Compilation Error (rev 6325)

Guest wilibald09

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Index: src/shared/Database/SQLStorage.cpp
--- src/shared/Database/SQLStorage.cpp        (révision 6325)
+++ src/shared/Database/SQLStorage.cpp        (copie de travail)
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
   extern DatabaseMysql    WorldDatabase;
-const char CreatureInfofmt[]="iiiiisssiiiiiiiiiiffiffiiiiiiiiiiiffiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiilliiis";
+const char CreatureInfofmt[]="iiiiisssiiiiiiiiiiffiffiiiiiiiiiiiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiilliiis";
   const char CreatureDataAddonInfofmt[]="iiiiiiis";
   const char CreatureModelfmt[]="iffbi";
   const char CreatureInfoAddonInfofmt[]="iiiiiiis";


Fix in rev 6326 :).

You can delete my topic.

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