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My Problem And How I Fixed It.

Guest phelpsben

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For about a year now I have been playing around with Private Servers to learn about game content. I have always wanted to have my guildies to be able to try it with me but I could never get them past the "Logging into game server" error that I know a lot of other people experience.

Well, today I thought, maybe, just maybe for some bizarre reason my ISP is blocking one of the used ports... Sure enough my ISP (Suddenlink Com. 1) was blocking port 3724, no idea why, but it was locked down, just like other ports 80, 25, 21 etc. (Maybe they just used a span like 3700-3799 ?) I used http://www.canyouseeme.org/ to check if my ports where closed.

I went into my DB and config file and changed 3724 to 8086, I left 8085 as it was.

Now in my realmlist.wtf I appended the port to the end of my server address *********.afh.cx:8086. (I used dyndns.com for the DNS)

Works like a charm, me and my friends are messing around in sunwell now.

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