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[fix][6505] Heart Of The Wild


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What bug does the patch fix?

Updates Heart of the Wild to meet official behaviour. Currently it increases AP in CatForm by 20%. Should be 10%.

For which SubVersion revision was the patch created?


Is there a thread in the bug report section?

[bug] Druids Attack Power Is Wrong, Calculation of Druid is wrong

Who has been writing this patch?

Me & myself



Index: SpellAuras.cpp
--- SpellAuras.cpp            (revision 6414)
+++ SpellAuras.cpp            (working copy)
@@ -5023,7 +5023,10 @@
                                        if ((*i)->GetSpellProto()->SpellIconID == 240 && (*i)->GetModifier()->m_miscvalue == 3)
                                                int32 HotWMod = (*i)->GetModifier()->m_amount;
-                                                m_target->CastCustomSpell(m_target, HotWSpellId, &HotWMod, NULL, NULL, true, NULL, this);
+                                                if(GetModifier()->m_miscvalue == FORM_CAT)
+                                                                HotWMod /= 2;
+                                                m_target->CastCustomSpell(m_target, HotWSpellId, &HotWMod, NULL, NULL, true, NULL, this);

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