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I recently found lua for mangos. i thaught it would be a good idea to update it a bit more, this will never go into the repo but a good addon for everyone, since lua is a well used thing amongst private servers etc.


Fix Script Reloading command,

Add more functions for latest lua scripts that are out there.

Fix Stability of the LUA Engine.

SVN: http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/magos-lua/

I give full credit to derex

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i really recommend not doing this , since this is a learning c++ project , adding lua will drive people out of learning c++

unless this isnt a learning project . then its alright

Pros :

1- Will get an Extremely large amount of people to mangos

2- Will drive out a lot of people out of ArcEmu because it would have All Pros of ArcEmu without the Cons.

3- Will increase number of Donations to MaNGOS project.

4- Will increase Support for MaNGOS.

5- Almost Every Server out there will be using MaNGOS.

6- Will Increase Number of Patches for MaNGOS and Contributors.

7- Will improve Database Support a lot, more Contributors.


1- Learning C++ will no longer be the important thing in this project.

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i disagree with you on the argument with c++,you need it for modifiying the game,lua is a simplifed c++ language (you just add spells , behaveiours to npc's) you cant actually modify the game like c++ does, still it is a core modification so you can support it or deny it thats how it goes in my opinion.

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So.... is this working with compiling and will it work for latest ArcEmu or some other LUA scripts?! Or it is for old Ascent LUA scripts?!

And will the core load both C++ and LUA scripts and will they both work?!

Thanks in advance and great job!

-- petbat

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This isn't for being committed to the git-repo.

Also it will not change how people script to the core, as someone love c++ others love lua, it all depends on how you like it,

it will get a lot more people helping developing the core, since we do need more people helping then with arcemu, as arc does totally suck they don't know how to code there cores, they always rob mangos code, just that burlex and the others made it multi threaded.

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