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Third Faction ? Possible ?

Guest Darkhunter

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Hello, I´m working on Tranquillien HCRP project and we want make third faction.This faction will be syndicates.This faction occur when player complete quest on it.I have this script:

    if(GetQuestStatus(2) == QUEST_STATUS_COMPLETE){

But it just set Faction, but the player is behaving as old faction - if was alliance then he can group with alliance, can´t attack them and other...Somebody said that it is hardcoded in DBC and we can´t change faction. Is it ?

Then I have another idea how to do it , because when we are dueling, we can attack friendly people and if we are in arena we can attack players with same faction.

Can somebody help me with editing this code to work fully or make new code which will work, thanks I´m starting at c++ then I can´t code it better...

I have here repo with it:


then u can edit it online, it will be better :)

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Player character factions are hard-coded based on race. AF races will always appear AF and HF races will always appear HF regardless of any server code.

It is possible to meddle with the reputation values for each race or via quest as you suggest (to do things such as making the Stormwind Faction friendly or HF PCs) but PCs will always innately belong to either AF or HF. This is not an issue for NPC relations, but is always apparent between PCs.

The only way to achieve an actual 3rd faction would be via client-side modding, and even then you wouldn't be able to have it done via quest, but would have to designate certain races as belonging to that faction right from the start. This is a terrible solution and I do not advise it.

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i saw once an ascent server that you could join any faction in the game (like Cenarion Expedition or even Stormwind as horde) and you gained faction specific spells when doing that. Server was tagged as RPPvP (duno if that matters, maybe enables some client side stuff). When you joined a faction it had "guild chat" with everyone there.

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okay but in client datafiles are races as fel orc, forsaken and etc, shall I change that player to this race to be able attacklast faction players? I can make change for the opposite faction.. just horde players.. but not to Syndicate etc

Or other way is to remake charm spell....

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